Am 20. Oktober 1919 hielt Lord Dunsany während seiner Tour durch die USA einen Vortrag im Copley-Plaza-Hotel in Boston. Gemeinsam mit Alice M. Hamlet, deren Tante Mrs. Eva Thompson sowie Edward Lee besuchte H. P. Lovecraft diesen Vortrag, der ihm Material zu seinem Aufsatz Lord Dunsany and his work (1922) lieferte.
Bild: Postkarte ca. 1920: Rotunda or Main Lobby, The Copley-Plaza, Boston, Mass.
Link: Arkham Insiders Folge 34 – Lovecraft und Lord Dunsany Teil 3

Im Harvard Crimson vom 20. Oktober 1919 wurde der Vortrag wie folgt angekündigt:

Lord Dunsany at the Copley-Plaza
October 20, 1919

Tonight at 8.20 in the Copley-Plaza Ballroom, Lord Dunsany will lecture on „My Own Lands,“ the imaginative countries of his plays, and give a reading of his own works. This marks the first appearance in Boston of the noted Irish playright, and, though it will be impossible for him to lecture at the University on this visit, efforts are now being made to secure him for later in the year when he returns to New England.

The dramatic career of Lord Dansany covers a period of eight years, in which he has produced among other plays „The Gods of the Mountain,“ „A Night in an Inn,“ „King Argimines,“ and „The Golden Doom.“

Quelle: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1919/10/20/lord-dunsany-at-the-copley-plaza-ptonight/